Brightstar drives innovation with WeWork move

“At Brightstar, we thrive on technology, creating value for the connected device industry and our clients.”

With millennials now making up 50% of the workforce and demanding more from their work environment, Brightstar, the world’s leading mobile services company, has taken a leap forward by migrating their Melbourne office to a newly opened WeWork location.

Brightstar’s Regional Managing Director of Oceania, Tyler McGee, believes this move will not only unlock multiple opportunities across every level of the business, but also attract creative young talent.

“As an innovative tech company simplifying the wireless world, we are constantly reviewing our business objectives and future aspirations,” Mr McGee said.

“We want to lead the wireless industry, embrace mobility and provide flexibility to our staff—and now thanks to WeWork, we can.”

With 485 locations worldwide, WeWork offers collaborative, physical spaces for companies of all sectors and scales. From desks to offices and entire headquarters, WeWork creates environments for productivity, innovation, and connection.

“We’ve not only moved our Melbourne office to WeWork, we’ve relocated our Japan and Singapore offices to WeWork locations as well,” Mr McGee said.

“This transition will allow us to use technology as a tool to enable human connection and embrace our truly mobile nature as a flexible and wireless workplace.”

WeWork ANZ General Manager, Balder Tol said he is delighted to have Brightstar join their community at WeWork in Melbourne and looks forward to enabling their organization to thrive.

“The changing workforce, coupled with increased competition to attract and retain the best talent, means employers have to create spaces where employees want to be. Our global footprint and diverse membership base gives us a front-row seat and unique insight into how the behavior of businesses and their employees are evolving,” Mr Tol said.

“More and more, bigger businesses are understanding the impact workspace can have on culture and employee performance.”

According to WeWork’s 2019 Global Impact Report, 80% of their members report increased productivity since joining WeWork, and 78% of enterprise members believe WeWork has helped them attract and retain talent. Therefore, Brightstar are looking forward to attracting the next generation of industry leaders.

“At Brightstar, we thrive on technology, creating value for the connected device industry and our clients,” Mr McGee said. “Therefore, we believe WeWork will enhance both our recruitment process and enable our business to better cater to our clients’ needs.”

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