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Mobile devices are like gravity: they bring things together.

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Product is one half of the wireless equation—your customers want service, too.

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We are the global leader of end-to-end device lifecycle solutions for carriers, retailers and enterprise. Choose from one of the options to go straight to the products and services most relevant to you.

Brightstar for Carriers

How we do it

Expand your customer offer across the full lifecycle of every mobile device with service that deepens every customer relationship. Using data-driven products and platforms, we simplify your processes, enabling you to keep pace with your customers’ expectations while reducing your financial exposure.

Brightstar for Retailers

How we do it

Align your range and customer strategy to offer your customers exactly what they want, when they want it – and at prices they can afford. Using Buy Back and Trade In, device protection and innovative ways to sell your products online and in-store, we help you create seamless experiences that drive value and build customer loyalty.

Brightstar for Enterprise

How we do it

Give your employees the devices they really want, quickly and efficiently, with total predictability and visibility over rental. We help you cut procurement costs with a single global vendor relationship and put security first with worldwide track-and-lock functionality for all your devices.

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